I Catched the Search Engine Bots ( :) Call to MSNBot)


Google, Yahoo and Technorati, you are in my hand.You came as soon as you get the ping.I want to see the MSNBot with you but it is some coquettish.It doesn’t like to walk around a lot.Mostly it cames when the blog is empty.Forget it, I don’t want it to come, it eats my bandwidth and after appeasing itself goes without indexing.
To MSNBot:
Hey index me, who is the stupid?Are you or the other bots, so that you don’t index me.Even Google indexed me and gave a two PageRank, why you are behaving coquettishly, who will mind your coquetry.As if a lot of people uses you.Just index it.Look, your three friend came.Technorati reached to others one minute late, but anyhow it came.I want to see you here, .Please.I know you crawl alone here, but please index it.Don’t make me content spammer.I’m sure if I put this writing everywhere, your father Bill Gates will see it and in one day you’ll have to index it.Don’t make me have to do this.

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