Alexa & PR Kontrol (English page)


Alexa & PR Kontrol is a tool that you can use to check any website’s Google PageRank and Alexa Rankings.

It is a Java ME (MIDP 1.0 – CLDC 1.1) application so that can run on all the devices that’s able to run Java ME applications and able to connect to network.

It has support for two languages, Turkish and English. If your device’s locale is Turkish the application runs in Turkish, else no mather which language it will run in English.

You just write a website URL and click “Check”, then application sends request to my website. A piece of code checks the PageRank and Alexa rank of that URL and sends it to your device. Then you see the results in your device. The process is so simple, and doesn’t generate too much traffic for your network. Mostly less then 1 KB (in fact 1/10 of it. 🙂 ).

It shows not only Alxa ranking but also other information available, such as title, speed and links.

Alexa & PR Kontrol ekran görüntüsüAlexa & PR Kontrol screen view


Alexa & PR Kontrol jar (14 KB)

İndir “Alexa & PR Kontrol”

alexaPR.jar – 267 defa indirildi – 13,95 KB
Alexa & PR Kontrol Jad – may be required for installation( 1 KB > )

İndir “Alexa & PR Kontrol”

alexaPR.jad – 182 defa indirildi – 488,00 B

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