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I just joined this lovely site. Lots of people have contributed so many good things here. Please accept my little contribution towards community. I would like to share some quick weight loss tips. If you need to know how to lose 10 lbs in a calendar week, you are probably not looking for a basic dieting and workout plan. You can lose weight with a standard diet and exercise plan, Still this involves a lot of time doing intense cardio exercises and binding to a strict diet. Here I will draft the perfect steps that I took to lose 10 pounds in just a calendar week.

1. Keep Distance from all deep-fried nutrients for the week
2. Drink an 8oz glass of Citrus paradisi with breakfast every day. (this accelerates up your metabolism)
3. Consume reasonable portions (stop taking when you are full)
4. Rather than taking 3 huge a meals a day, consume 5-6 smaller meals to keep your metabolism up and keep your body burning fat.
5. Aviod eating after 9 P.M.. Its good to eat before 9 P.M. so that our body gets proper time to burn calories before sleep.
6. Take proper sleep every night. Not taking plenty rest causes been verified to be a ranking element to the body putting up excess fat.
7. Use a body/colon clean for the 7 days. This will get rid of extra fat stored around the stomach area as well as cleanse your body of harmfull pollutants that cause you store fat and feel tired. Flush away excess pounds around the stomach area that otherwise would be hard to lose.
8. I reccomend you using Acai Berry Diet Pills. This one is proven to work, and you can get a free trial.
9. For those people who desire to burn fat quickly, avoid alcoholic drink.
10. A low GI diet is an superior method of burning fat quickly.


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